Lady Gaga’s coming to town

For “little monsters” everywhere, I can only imagine how much you were squealing with delight when Lady Gaga cut the Barneys ribbon with the most flamboyant designed pair of larger than life scissors. She channeled her inner Willy Wonka, Santa Claus and threw in a bit of Tim Burton style into the idea with this holiday workshop . . . → Read More: Lady Gaga’s coming to town

Naeem Khan Spring 2012

Michelle Obama’s recent favorite designer certainly ended New York’s Fashion week with a fabulous grand finale. His Spring 2012 collection that is just oozing with old school glamour and modern upper east side (pricey) elegance. 

I tell you, this man knows just what women want. He knows the balance between fashion and fantasy when women dream of . . . → Read More: Naeem Khan Spring 2012

Alexander Wang

Sir Wang has become the toast of NYC in the past couple of years with his success; and is still a buzzword among fashion students today, “He came out of nowhere, how did he become famous overnight?”

To me it seems that he knew how to balance his work and the party-hard scene in just the right way and came . . . → Read More: Alexander Wang

Elizabeth Taylor

The world feels less beautiful and fabulous without Elizabeth Taylor today.

I’m sure many of you have read countless articles and have seen specials about Taylor on TV already, so I intend to share timeless photos that captured her eternal glamorous style and still leaves us in awe of her beauty. She was truly the most beautiful raven-haired belle of . . . → Read More: Elizabeth Taylor

Phenomenon Soundtrack – New Year

The general consensus seems to be that last year sucked, of course I am basing this on Facebook status updates, and NOTHING else.

Maybe it’s just my contrarian nature, but I do feel like there was some good outweighing the bad.  For every Justin Bieber there was a Midnight Juggernauts, for every Obama fail-moment there was an . . . → Read More: Phenomenon Soundtrack – New Year