Tennis, a Colorado duo colored by naïveté, just signed to Fat Possum and are dropping a debut album in early 2011. Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley are a married, happy, loving couple. That much is worth stating, you will soon understand why. Their songs are the type of beach sand sullied doo wop ballads that tug . . . → Read More: Tennis

Warpaint- “The Fool”

Warpaint calls to mind early Blonde Redhead, Electrelane, and Dum Dum Girls. Their Psych-rock jam sessions build up slowly, loosely following a non-committal beat, as Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman chant, in tandem, repetitive indecipherable lyrics. This L.A quartet will be touring with The XX in the fall. They have procured some very legit representation and . . . → Read More: Warpaint- “The Fool”

Blonde Redhead’s first track from “Penny Sparkle”

“Penny Sparkle” comes out September 14th on 4AD.
An air of 80′s nostalgia. Misery is still a butterfly, this time it seems to have flown to the decade of beta. Sadly the novelty of an elfin, diminutive singer is long gone thanks to the myriad of facsimiles Kazu Makino has spawned. Hard to judge the quality of . . . → Read More: Blonde Redhead’s first track from “Penny Sparkle”

Elefant’s Garcia got all sultry and soulful, and I like it.

Diego Garcia has stopped whining and hiding behind his bangs. His solo effort is eons above the maturity level of indie ballads like “Bokkie”. Diego got in touch with his Argentine soul and started composing the kind of music you and mom can both love. Spanish guitars? His transformation is almost as odd as that of . . . → Read More: Elefant’s Garcia got all sultry and soulful, and I like it.