Summer Solstice

Today is a pagan holiday. Before organized religion was led by men, there were celebrations where people wore St John’s Wort necklaces around their throats. Evil spirits came out of their dark caves as the sun turned southward. Bonfires were lit to protect people from these spirits, and to keep the light going . . . → Read More: Summer Solstice

Snowed in

The snow makes the holiday seem more real, and pressing. If I could choose one day to be Christmas, it would probably be yesterday. Snow outside and cozy inside with chili and punch. The party ends but hot toddies continue and we eat magic brownies and have a rooftop snowball fight while listening . . . → Read More: Snowed in

Wish List

All I want for Christmas (or whatever non-denominational, exploitative, gift-giving holiday people celebrate) are these things:

These are ridiculously beautiful, and the design makes it sound better… brilliant. Little Horn Speakers are a must have for the disgustingly rich (don’t even ask how much they cost, and if you look it up and have a heart . . . → Read More: Wish List

Holy Shit Holidays!

The economy is in the shitter and everyone I know has been working OT to get that cheddah. The problem now isn’t how much to spend, but when and where to shop. Let’s face it, all that planning and budgeting and list making doesn’t mean a damn thing in the final stretch. There’s always someone . . . → Read More: Holy Shit Holidays!