Regrets of 09

We can’t believe T-Pain had a Christmas Party and didn’t invite us!

Other things we regret not doing more of in 09: Booze Cruises,

Karaoke, Family time, Collage, Museum Going, Picnics,

Polaroid Photoshoots. Let’s make 2010, the start of not just a new year, but a new decade, a reason to outsmart the odds, crown the . . . → Read More: Regrets of 09

Death of Autotune (Good Riddance)

Autotune has been ruling airwaves too long. The canned mechanical loops and droning has gone from innovative to unoriginal across the board. Originality in rap music is being crushed by conformity in an industry that already has a penchant for beat biting and lazy rhyming. Though with a smash single, Kanye produced . . . → Read More: Death of Autotune (Good Riddance)


Oh Shit, The Queen Bee Brings Cyber Sex Back!

Lil Kim Download Featuring Charlie Wilson & T – Pain . . . → Read More: Download

Pomp Prefers Parties on Boats for Warm Weekends

. . . → Read More: Pomp Prefers Parties on Boats for Warm Weekends