Totally Killer

TOTALLY KILLER is what it would look like if you put Fight Club, The Firm, and American Psycho in the blender. With flannel. And teased hair. And . . . → Read More: Totally Killer

The Party’s Crashing Us Now

Whirlwind night! Thanks to everyone who came out and made it amazing! Thanks for interacting with the ads, the brands and each other. I know that we at Pomp had a blast talking to you and putting some faces to the names we’ve been working with. And to all the new faces, . . . → Read More: The Party’s Crashing Us Now

You’re invited!

I know we’ve been vaguely hinting at some mysterious party we’ll be having soon. What with talk of giftbags, djs and all things dance-y and springtime-y. We’re finally ready to unveil the plans to you dear readers, you are our world.

So you may have heard of Poster Boy, we have too. We have . . . → Read More: You’re invited!

Pomp Videos: The Importance of Being Earnest

Whew, interesting day. Lovely weather, bit of snowfall mixed in with the sun and clouds. And then I used the term “j’ing off” in class, in front of my teacher. Neither the time, nor the place.

After class, a fellow student/friend asked me what I thought the next hipster trend would be. I . . . → Read More: Pomp Videos: The Importance of Being Earnest