This week I went out with a guy named D. He IMed me while I was online, sans messaging. It’s not the classiest move, but I went with it. Within a few IMs I found out he was a Yale alum and a 3rd year Harvard law student, home in the village for winter break. “Oh. . . . → Read More: D-Date

John Bartlett

This feels like a continuation from my last fashion post… like a Part II for menswear, but its women friendly as well! I love the boyfriend, masculine inspired pieces because unlike men, we can incorporate it into our wardrobe easily and look chic and fashion forward alongside the fella’s.

This amazing designer is actually a Harvard graduate . . . → Read More: John Bartlett

Scandal Sheet: Whine Me A River

Rivers Cuomo still sings about not fitting in. I learned this after listening to the radio recently.

There are many levels as to just how annoying this is.

I liked Weezer a lot in high school. I have always been way hot for nerds and he was only third to Milo Aukerman in my young girl masturbatory fantasies, . . . → Read More: Scandal Sheet: Whine Me A River