CMJ- 2 days so far. So Far

It’s day 3 of CMJ, I’m past the point of running on fumes, trying to catch the maximum amount of bands in five days and the least amount of sleep since the beginning of summer. 543 bands in five days=wtf?
Day 1- Oct 19th.
Dear diary, I just got back from my first day of CMJ’s music marathon and I’m tots LOLing. I started my night at The Delancey, where Telenovelas killed it with songs like “I don’t know you” and “I’m kinda making this up”. Muddy chanty affable hooky. After that I ran over to Piano’s, Ma Mentor failed to impress me, they are pretty good not-live, like maracas on heroin. I ran out before their collective mascara started running. Cameo Gallery had many offerings, none of which I truly grasped. High Highs were so-so sedated and moody. Mon Khmer, eligible for the most pretentious fucking name ever award- named after a collection of Asian languages, seriously? goddamn crackers! Class Actress failed to live up to her Virtual femme fatale persona, looking nerdy in the flesh, out of tune and intrinsically malodorous. Lastly I limped and swagged over to Knitting Factory to see Silverghost, it might be my sixth sense, but It was also disappointing, stop playing with those knobs!!. There’s a thing boy-girl duets do better than making music, and it starts with an F.
Day 2- Oct 20th
Mr. Diary, why are you judging me? after a press mixer at Rivington Hotel where they made cute drinks like Wild Turkey Nothing and other mixed drinks which incorporated the names of bands, I ran over (figuratively, I’m obese and diabetic) to Sidewalk Cafe and caught a glimpse of Beast Make Bomb, the name appealed to me but I didn’t look them up before attending. don’t ever listen to them, they S.U.C.K- think Joanna Newsom on her period with a rod through her parietal lobe à la Phineas Gage. Sidewalk Cafe is for lamos with social Down Syndrome. Yukon Blonde was more blonde than Yukon, but after starting my night with Beast Make Bomb, Barbra Streisand would have sounded like Wagner, so I was pretty content, fidgeting through their set, kept alive by their penchant for COWBELL!!. Dale Earnhardt Jr. a band on that new wave of naming bands after people- Abe Vigoda, Sam Champion, Gay for Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman’s Shaved head, Sandra Bullock’s Tucked In Penis, Zach Galifianakis Is Getting Really Old, Seriously Dude, Take a Sabbatical- was pretty awesome, and the rest of the night at Santo’s Party House must have been awesome, judging by my inability to coherently recollect it. From what I recall, some girls talked me into taking a cab to Bowery to see Holy Ghost, then I got all stubborn and surly and walked back to Santo’s to see Apache Beat.

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