New York – I want to gay-marry you!

New York, it’s about TIME!

There has been a lot of cause to celebrate lately. Let’s listen to something a little dated, but . . . → Read More: New York – I want to gay-marry you!

Top 9 of ’09

Did you know that in Dhaka (Bangladesh) the New Year came twice. Once the clock struck midnight we had to roll them back for an hour and wait for the new year again. It was kind of wonderful, as impatient as I was for the new beginnings of 2010. I had a lot . . . → Read More: Top 9 of ’09

California should be banned

So what’s the deal Californians? What’s the deal with this proposition 8 nonsense. I would understand if there were studies that showed a decline in the sanctity of marriage connected to homosexuals getting married, I would understand if you saw a link between the high divorce rate and gays getting married, or a link . . . → Read More: California should be banned

Fight for your Right

Sunday brought the hope of gay marriage to 6th Ave in NYC. Sadly, the rally did not attract the crowds I had hoped to see. Come on people, didn’t you read my facebook status? Also, the spirit of the crowd was subdued. This is NOT the persona we need to show the world. . . . → Read More: Fight for your Right