Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the epitome of American Couture and still leaves millions of loyal fans world wide, breathless with his Fall 2012 collection. How does one man re-invent him self season after season, since the late 1960′s? My only answer that I can come up with is because he is simply a genius and that he’s . . . → Read More: Ralph Lauren

First Date Soul Mate

One wine-drunken evening my suitemate Em convinced me to join OkCupid, and let me tell you, it’s a win-win of a website. The way I see it, there are two kinds of messages a girl can get. 1) Creeptastic. 2) Kind of charming. While the creeptastic ones keep you laughing, the kind of charming ones often . . . → Read More: First Date Soul Mate

Christian Siriano Fall 2012

Who would’ve thought a designer as FIERCE as Christian Siriano would design his latest Fall 2012 collection based on an idiosyncratic horror film from 1933, The Vampire Bat? He continues to prove to be a front runner in the up and coming fashion world with his perfect take on balancing between 1930′s vintage glamour and modern . . . → Read More: Christian Siriano Fall 2012

Death and Taxes

If only I could live according to Ayn Rand’s ethics—I would spend more time intellectually stroking my ego and actually believing I came to where I am now, all on my own. If I was an objectivist I’d go on thinking I lived in a world without systematic poverty, elderly, children, and those born lame and . . . → Read More: Death and Taxes

Female Trouble – Uptown Lowdown Comes to Pomp!

This column is calling. Calling all girls who don’t hit the bar just to show off overexposed thighs and thong lines; calling all girls who don’t drool over the kind of guy who will kick them out before breakfast (come on, he should at least buy you chocolate-chip-hangover pancakes first) . . . and calling all . . . → Read More: Female Trouble – Uptown Lowdown Comes to Pomp!

Dreaming of Summer…

…That is right around the corner! Today’s fashion post is dedicated to the fabulous weather in NYC as well as an understated accessory that may or may not (yet) be in every woman’s closet, the over-sized, Floppy Hat. For colder weather and especially during the snow I never leave my house without my heavy duty and super . . . → Read More: Dreaming of Summer…

I am…

Growing up, I never would have believed that I would be a suit and tie. I walked around my high school out of my mind with A Perfect Circle going through my ears (via headphones). I did not know what I would be when I grew up, but I never thought I would become “The Man” . . . → Read More: I am…

Stylish Women during Black History Month

How could I have allowed myself to blog about fashion week when during this incredible month dedicated to Black History and everything we have learned from African Americans since its beginnings in the 20′s? This occurred to me when I put on Pandora, and Billie Holiday’s “No Regrets” started to play and I realized she has . . . → Read More: Stylish Women during Black History Month

Jason Wu

With inspiration from his roots dating back to the Chinese, Qing dynasty and 40′s vintage Hollywood, Jason Wu presented an army of fierce fashionista’s during his Fall 2012 Ready to Wear collection during New York Fashion Week. There were plenty of rich colors, like Navy, Maroon, Black and Olive along with the unexpected shade of a . . . → Read More: Jason Wu

Sachin + Babi

A new power couple is on the rise as an up-and-coming design pair as NY based fashion designers, and with they’re new Ready-to-Wear Fall 2012 featured in NYFW, there is something for everyone in this collection. Whether you like the tough leather biker look, a more sophisticated with jewel toned silk draped from the waist down, . . . → Read More: Sachin + Babi

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