Snowflake Ornament in Gold from Lunares

Home is where the heart is, or so the saying goes. With that in mind, we knew no gift guide series would be complete without paying homage to the home. This installment is a bit hodgepodge in that it includes several separate types of items one might find in the home, though not necessarily related to one another. Consider this a trifecta touching on home, health and entertainment. There’s a coffee table book, candles, audio comedy and even a yoga mat, among other things. Regardless, it felt to me like they all fit together, harking back to the notion of the home, whether decorating it, dwelling in it, playing host/hostess in it, or just enjoying some solo down time in it.

Please read on for several great gift ideas and, if you like what you see, do share the link (and, better yet, the presents) with friends and family!

Oh, and there are also a couple discounts, too!


I’ve been a fan of Lunares ever since I first learned about them, last December. It’s not a terribly long love affair, but it’s a committed one, sure to endure. Now, while they aren’t an openly vegan company by any means, they do not sell any animal products, which was good enough reason for me to promote their wonderful wares in this gift guide. Plus, the core strength of a lot of their gorgeous goods is aluminum, which is the most Earth-friendly metal to work with, bar none.

I have a handful of favorite pieces, among them

Gold Menorah from Lunares

their winged piggy bank (available in ivory – color, not material – silver and gold), opulent ornament offerings, which come in a number of shapes (some even 24 carat gold), and magnificent menorahs, just to name a few. Then, there are the collections worth mentioning, such as Paloma, featuring birds and Manzanita, featuring branches.

To put my money where my mouth is, I personally purchased the Pigs Do Fly Piggy Bank (in both gold and ivory), the Chariots of Fire Wings (in gold) and the Flying Pig Ornament (in gold). Picking up on a trend? I adore wings and pigs and wouldn’t dare deny my obsession. There are certainly worse addictions, like drugs or cheese or meat. : )

Like what you see? Receive 10% off any purchase through December 31st by entering NELL10 at checkout.

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Rewined Candle

Discovered Rewined within the past two weeks and already I’m smitten. These soy candles are awesome for anyone and everyone who enjoys a little red or white from time to time and can appreciate the quirk and brilliance that comes with pouring wax into recycled (err, upcycled) wine bottle bottoms. Now, while all wines aren’t vegan (learn more here, and same with liquor and beer), that won’t stop me from loving on some green, bee-abuse-free burners. Who’s with me?

Scents, of which there are nine, are titled after popular wine varietals, from Champagne to Pinot Noir. The latter is my favorite thus far, containing hints of  fig, cranberry, leather and earth. It’s delicious. (And it’s okay to like the smell of leather, so long as it’s artificially manufactured. No harm done.) Between the drink itself and the candle, I’m actually more into the former, but you need not choose; cop a couple Rewined candles, pop a bottle and celebrate the holidays in eco-cosmopolitan chic. As they say on their site, transform waste into luxury. Why not?

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I’d been reading a lot about JadeYoga and finally felt it was high time I tried one of their mats myself. Thankful I took the plunge into spankin’ new mat territory, because this baby’s got the best grip of any mat on which I’ve ever done downward dog. I usually need a yoga towel, but, with this, I can take a towel or leave it. Depends on my mood, not a need. It’s also got excellent cushioning, a perfect balance between give and resistance. I can genuinely say that I’ve not had a better mat experience. No slips here!

Beyond my own mat satisfaction, JadeYoga has so much more going for it than strictly facilitating a peaceful and effective practice. As a vegetarian and former lawyer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, founder Dean Jerrehian has done his best to steer the company in a green direction,

Jade Yoga Mats

developing the first green yoga mat. Because natural rubber (tapped, like maple syrup, from a rubber tree) performs so much better than synthetic rubber and PVCs, synthetic rubbers were out of the question. Natural rubber is a sustainable and renewable resource, so why not create the best mats on the market? JadeYoga has standards. Also, JadeYoga refuses to manufacture in China, where virtually all other mats are made, ensuring all are made in the USA in compliance with all US environmental and labor laws.

In addition to all of this, JadeYoga commits to giving back to the Earth. JadeYoga mats are born from trees, so they decided to thank the trees by committing to plant a tree for every mat sold. Since 2006, through their partnership with Trees for the Future, they have done just that. JadeYoga also helps people and organizations introduce yoga to those who might benefit from it, but might not otherwise have a chance to try – from an abused girls shelter in West Africa to a homeless shelter in Indianapolis to supporting educational programs for children from New York to California. (Learn more about their new Reuse and Recycle Program here.)

There is so much more I could say about JadeYoga, but why not get it straight from the source? Read about some of the causes they support here.

Last but not least, shop here!


Nauti & Co. Sterling Silver Cocktail Anchors

Don’t you just love their name? Cheeky and classic all at the same time. This seaside-themed brand is absolutely adorable. I applaud them for refraining from offering anything leather, which is too often a go-to for companies selling what they believe to be high-end nautical products. Nauti & Co. gets by (AKA kicks ass and surpasses) with tasteful teak trays, sterling silver cocktail anchors, durable duffles and sweet tees, among other things. There’s something for everyone, from mom to dad, girls to guys, kids to adults, on-a-budget to urging-to-splurge.

I especially dig the aforementioned teak tray, perfect for breakfast in bed or a snack on the dock – or rooftop, depending on your locale – during the summer months. I also love their colorful – and affordable – cocktail anchors, with just the right amount of sophistication-meets-spontaneity. There’s even a Christmas-specific pack, containing red and white skewers for all your olive-stacking needs. Perfect martini? Coming right up!

Also, enter POMP at checkout and receive 15% off.

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Myq Kaplan's "Vegan Mind Meld" Standup Comedy

Whoever wrongly imagines animal rights activists can’t be funny-as-hell hasn’t seen or heard Myq Kaplan. This laugh-man singlehandedly dispels the myth that vegans lack a sense of humor. And he’ll gladly prove this to you, on tour or via iTunes, where his 25-track Vegan Mind Meld was one of the top 10 bestselling comedy albums in 2010. Boo-yah! Seriously, though, this 50-minute-long jaunt is hilarious and totally worth the modest investment. Listen alone and share it with friends and family. Repeat. If there’s a vegan on your list, this is for them. If there’s a comedy fan on your list, this is for them. If there’s a human who likes to laugh (everyone), this is for them. You won’t find down-in-the-dumps, bad-news-bears animal welfare woes here. Just track after track of laughs. He has a way with words and people who enjoy puns (or rolling their eyes at them) will also dig this “disc.”

You may recognize the name Myq Kaplan from NBC’s Last Comic Standing, where he was among the final five standing, which is a feat in itself. This guy’s received rave reviews and has appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, Craig Ferguson, Conan and more. Catch him live (if you can), follow his ridiculously clever and, for pete’s sake, snag VMM. You won’t regret it.

Buy Vegan Mind Meld here!


Where to begin with Moby? This man has been an inspiration to me for over a decade. I still remember the first time I listened to an album of his straight through, from start to finish. It was July 2000 and I was touring the West Coast with my mother, looking at colleges I might apply to. While we were in LA, I entered Tower Records and left with Play, Moby’s fifth studio album. (I was a bit behind the times back then. Forgive me, I was from Wisconsin.) In any case, the insert accompanying the CD included several essays touching on topics like veganism and humanitarianism. I wasn’t even vegetarian yet, but it turned out his insightful words were the beginning of my own ethical exploration. Two years later I was veg and today I’m completely plant-based. I’ve since had the opportunity to interview him a few times, even hosting him at my home once. Yes, Moby drank tap water from my faucet. Swoon.

Seriously, though, beyond the tunes, this guy

Moby's "Destroyed" Photography Book

offers something more, an added depth missing from so many celebrities today. Consider Moby Gratis, a site offering his songs to independent and nonprofit filmmakers, film students and anyone in need of free music for their independent, nonprofit film, video or short.
The tracks are free as long as they’re being used for non-commercial or nonprofit purposes. Among the films that capitalized on his generosity are Waste Land, The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom and, of course, Earthlings. Rock on, right?

With his tenth studio album, in addition to releasing an incredible record, Moby also published a book of photographs, a colorful look at touring the globe, all through his eyes. From packed stadiums to desolate airports, his photographic diary of life on the road spans 128 pages and features 55 photos. This intimate work of art is begging to be bought, cherished and displayed on a coffee table, paged through by houseguests and enjoyed for years to come. Plus, buy the book, receive a comp copy of Destroyed the disc.

Consider this the perfect gift for anyone who likes audible art and/or visual art, and who also likes supporting individuals making a positive impact in the world.

Buy Moby’s photography book, Destroyed, here.


These cruelty-free candles take the (vegan) cake, as I like to say. Give the perfect, customized soy candle by buying these sweet scents from Luminology. Select a scent, then select a glaze for the bowl it’s poured in. With 15 different fragrances and 15 different shades, the mixing and matching possibilities are endless. Think super signature gift for that special someone.

The wax is always white, but the container it sits in needn’t be. Pick from a gorgeous Grove green or a deep purple Fig. I especially like Pier, Shore and Sea Salt. Terra and Sun make me happy, too. When the candle’s natural wooden wick is finished burning, the bowl it’s in can be used for any number of things.

Luminology Candle

In terms of my olfactory favorites, I have inhaled but two, Spa and a special holiday scent called Winter Cabin. I’m super satisfied with both. The latter can be summed up as sweet birch, cedar, black pepper and orange.

I can tell you this, too. These babies are addicting. Once you’ve got one, you may want to snag three more for a set of four. These bowls are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Perfect for vegan ice cream or a pretty paperclip container. Whatever strikes your fancy.

Also, FYI, the wax is 100% renewable, sustainable soy sourced from soybean farmers in the USA. Each vessel is crafted locally by porcelain artisans in a waste-free studio and the fragrances are phthalate-free. Total that up and you’ve got one very green, very awesome operation.

Oh, and if you’re allergic to everything, they also an offer unscented option. Yep, they thought of everything.

Through December 31st, receive FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING when you enter HOLIDAYSHIP at checkout. Whoop!

Note: order in-stock items by 5 PM EST today, December 20th, to arrive by Christmas via standard domestic USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground shipping.

In-stock items include the Mantra Collection, Signature Collection, Companion Porcelain, Faceted Votives and Gift Certificates.

Shop here!


Seeking the perfect, durable tote bag? Look no further than Relan, an amazing upcycling company based in Minnesota. These sturdy satchels won’t let you down when you’re running errands, grabbing groceries or lugging a bunch of books. Whatever your load, Relan can manage it, and does so while simultaneously helping the planet.

Relan Verizon Billboard Gym Bag

Each bag by Relan is one-of-a-kind, constructed out of a piece of billboard about the size of a tennis court. The billboard’s graphic pattern and colors are preserved then stitched together to create an innovative, functional bag that demands and deserves daily use. With over 600,000 tons of outdoor billboards produced in the USA each year, Relan extends marketing initiatives by repurposing a company’s billboard vinyl into an item that will tell their sustainability story much more effectively.

Working with organizations such as Lexus, Scion, The Sundance Film Festival, Target and The Smithsonian, Relan has solutions to help companies do good for the Earth as well as themselves. Relan has an additional mission. Approximately 60% of every billboard is made into product, with the remainder of the vinyl needing to be recycled in some manner. Relan has designed a versatile World Bag that will be sold in the western world. For every World Bag sold, a slightly larger version will be built out of that remaining 40% and given away to someone in need. The thought is that people walk and bike in most third world countries and a tough, waterproof bag would assist them in their daily lives.

Right now, you can snag their Verizon line at the Verizon Billboard Store!

Shop here!


Ceramic Jewelry Holder from Imm-Living

First of all, I love imm Living! They make some super cute and useful stuff for the home. Utilitarian + adorable = winning. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing their wares with you. That said, while the company isn’t outright vegan, they don’t manufacture any animal products, which qualifies for me and my standards. Hopefully you’ll be into them, too.

Based in the eclectic downtown core of Toronto, imm Living is a design company that, as alluded to, marries functionality with a playful sensibility. It’s actually quite tough to narrow down what my favorite items are, but I’ll try. I own the Adorn Ceramic Jewelry Holder, where my necklaces hang from antlers of a doe head. Sounds grotesque, but it’s far from it. And totally animal welfare-friendly. Forget taxidermy, faux is the way to go.

I also really like their Hand Sign thumb drive line, available in various gestures. Adds a little personality to tech, among other computer objects they offer. Their cork wine-stoppers (Gods of the Zodiac), inspired by the classic Greek Gods-meets-signs of the Tropical Zodiac, are embellished with gold and look just as good sitting atop a bottle of wine as they would in a museum. Hidden Animal Teacups are also darling, revealing a fox, an owl and a bear, respectively.

Here comes the kicker; you can’t buy from their site. : (  But, fret not, find here a list of retailers, online and otherwise, that carry imm Living.

Happy hunting and happy holidays!



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