Karen Karch

Today, you will feast you eyes on these incredible jewelry designs from a gem of NYC that more and more people should know about! Karen Karch has designed beautiful rings, bracelets, necklaces, even jewelry for men since the early ’90s with her philosophy – “Opposites Attract”. I fell in love with at least four pieces from each of her collections on her website (which is a  big deal, because jewelry designers usually have one piece that stands out in a mediocre collection), however I’d like to single out my favorite design among the rest of the photos that Ive shared with you from her site http://www.karenkarch.com/index.ph, and that is the Love Lock bracelet, an 18 karat gold bracelet with a Turquoise “Entwined” padlock pendant. Sure, you may think why not a Ruby, red for love for the pendant but its already too predictable and Turquoise happens to bring you strengthen protection from harm and bring good fortune. Id say wearing an entwined turquoise gemstone that also happens to be one of the oldest protection amulets (for you gemstone believers), it goes hand in hand with Love.

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