SouZou Creations

Today is all about Nostalgia. Remember Polly Pockets? Mattel’s miniature line of girly-girl toys and accessories that came in necklaces, pocket-sized play pads for your pinky sized barbie, and even rings!

New York’s new toy craze is actually from Japan. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic and couldn’t stop myself from the oohs and aahs and especially . . . → Read More: SouZou Creations

What to do this Weekend

The cold has worn off - the heat too, has broken - and now we’re left with some mild sunny days to enjoy ourselves.

Summer in Brooklyn is filled with street fairs, house parties, backyard bbq’s and dancing in front of gushing fire hydrants with the endless icecream truck melody in the background. 

Here are some Pomp picks for your . . . → Read More: What to do this Weekend

Hey Baby

Heat and mating season make New Yorkers let it all hang out. I am pro sex yet have always had mixed feelings about street harassment. A woman whose weight fluctuates from average to a little extra, a globe trekker approaching 30, I’ve developed an international view on the issue.

Growing up in Philly after I lost . . . → Read More: Hey Baby

Scandal Sheet: Menacing Matrons

Growing up working-class Russian-Jewish (I am half and half) in Northeast Philadelphia, as a child and teen I was always nearby violence. I learned to walk with keys in my knuckles, surviving a mugging. Considering my experimenting with boys, drugs and styles in the mid ‘90s: hippie/skater/punk/raver, I was lucky.

After living in Japan I . . . → Read More: Scandal Sheet: Menacing Matrons

No Bueno

People. Out there. In the World. Who go to restaurants. Or salad bars. And order food: Stop saying bueno. 

And gracias for that matter. 

You were raised in Connecticut. You sound ridiculous. 

Here’s what I mean: While ordering my salad from one of those Choose-a-Topping places yesterday, the kind where a bunch of Mexicans toss . . . → Read More: No Bueno