Pamela Love

Happy Summer 2011 Pompers!! Half of the students in fashion schools state-wide are finally enjoying they’re summer while the other half are getting through finals. Good luck my fellow slaves to Fashion!

I am so excited to share this weeks post on a fabulous jewelry designer who is based in NYC, Pamela Love has been making the rounds in all major fashion magazines and best known blogs with her “Savage & Sexy” line consisting of rough edged talon pendents, rings, cobra necklaces. One piece of jewelry in particular really got to me, because I am not a fan of snakes… as a matter of fact I am terrified of them. Sometimes to the point where Ill scream like a little girl if I see one on TV. However, this “Short Snake Earring” priced at $1,000 bucks, (homegirl is pricey, but can you blame an aspiring designer living in ny?) actually turned my horror into lust when I actually felt like a snake design or snakes for that matter can actually be attractive…Sensual is more like it for you reptile lovers out there.  They’re made with sterling silver and even have champagne-diamond eyes which were the perfect little touch to make something slithery and scary into something that sure is Savage and Sexy.

ps- Pamela Love has a more affordable collection with Topshop that should be coming to stores by the end of May 2011, another reason for Topshop and jewelry lovers to come together and rejoice!


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