Top 10 of 2010 – the end’s not nigh, it’s high

As our list continues, amongst the frenzied new years planners, and the more relaxed couch potatoes, some predictions for 2010 are in order.

Natalie Portman is going to win the Oscar for Black Swan, though in my head it will really be for her role in The Professional.

More celebrities are going to break up and people are going to FREAK OUT!

The world’s not going to end in 2012, but the beginnings of a paradigm shift will happen in 2011.  (Stolen from a friend, sorry but I needed your Miss Cleo action.)

Best Country to Be Musically Inclined: Sweden

From to Peter Paul and Bjorn, from newcomers Miike Snow to old school techno freaks The Knife, and let’s not forget siren Lykke Li; Sweden keeps producing great music year after year and I’m hooked on all of it.  In fact, I’ve had this Miike Snow song stuck in my head for the past year, and I loves it.

Also, some of these bands have broken off into some amazing solo acts: and Fever Ray, anyone?  Seriously, there must be something in that Swedish water.

Best Money-saving Trend: DIY (do-it-yourself)

DIY Dinosaur Lamps from Geeky-Gadgets

Etsy’s popularity is soaring through the roof.  So is making glasses out of all the old alcohol bottles you have hanging around, might as well do something with them once you’ve cleaned out the ash right?  Do it yourself culture has completely taken over, and was especially relevant during the holiday season as craft stores were overrun and handmade presents were key.

Best Advertising Ideas:  Crowdsourcing

Remember that weird Pepsi ad where a guy randomly rapped about making it big one day?  How about the Superbowl Doritos commercial?  No, not really?  Then maybe it’s not working on you, but it’s been a great way for big brands to fire their marketing people and mine the riches of the internet and it’s occupants for some creative ways to communicate with… those same people on the internet all day.  I’m making some generalizations here, but bear with me, it’s been a long year.

Most Talked About Issue:  Is Print Dead?

From the unveiling of the great, magical iPad, to the many magazines and books utilizing multimedia to deepen the storytelling experience.  (Something Pomp contributor Sparrow Hall works regularly.)  It seems everyone’s biggest question this year was: is print dead?  And if not, when will it die?  It’s a fair question, given the dismal sales of books, and the growing market for e-readers, and their great offerings of cheaper e-books.  However, those business models don’t seem too sustainable, because the publishers and sometimes the sellers are selling cheaper e-books at a cost to their own business.  The most important thing to remember is that people are reading more than ever.  Someone has to make some good content so they can keep doing that, no matter how you distribute it to them.

And that is our Top 10 things of note from 2010.  2011, I dare you to bring it.

Happy New Year everybody!!!

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