Versace for H&M

The hype for this collection certainly rivals the infamous Missoni for Target drama. (Where the Target website shut down for hours because of the over activity of people trying to order online.) H&M’s handling of this once in a lifetime collaboration is smart and kinda… psychotic. I say psychotic because H&M doesn’t have a website for US customers. What does that mean exactly? Ridiculously long waits, perhaps overnight and people stampeding through out the stores to get a hand on a Versace label, whether its a ring from $19.95 to a cocktail dress for $299. That is also the fabulous affordable price range which will only make it harder (or easier, I say harder) for fashion lovers to get a hold of it. All I have to say is, love the black leather studded pieces from the women’s collection and few shirts from the men’s. However, hate the all bright pink suit in men’s, too much pink!!

If you want to be part of the madness, camp out like other die-hard Versace fans before its available November 19th.


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