Versace for H&M

The hype for this collection certainly rivals the infamous Missoni for Target drama. (Where the Target website shut down for hours because of the over activity of people trying to order online.) H&M’s handling of this once in a lifetime collaboration is smart and kinda… psychotic. I say psychotic because H&M doesn’t have a website for . . . → Read More: Versace for H&M

Fashion Collaborations That Make Me Melt

Two specific fashion collaborations are coming up, and I think they may go the way of Julian Louie and Aldo Shoes (aka SOLD OUT).

One is H&M’s upcoming fall collaboration with designers from Versace Fashion House. The sneak peeks are actually quite exciting, showing lots of bright colors, pretty details and demure silouhettes. It’ll be . . . → Read More: Fashion Collaborations That Make Me Melt