Post Labor Day Fashion

Ever wonder why people say “don’t wear white after Labor Day!” ? Do people even follow that rule these days, and whats the story behind it? The exact truth is unclear, however, from countless hours of research, I can put it into laymans terms.

The truth is, this rule has not been strictly followed by the general public since the late 50′s. It originated in the early 1900′s because of a simple reason. To celebrate the end of the summer season. It is also the annual celebration for workers across America, both economically and socially. So every first Monday of September, every year, we get an entire eight hour day off, nice! So wearing white was not only for summer, but as the traditional uniform for laborers  and as more people were entering middles class societies, people were given rules to distinguish themselves apart from laborers. Some rules state that it is applied only to white dresses and white dress shoes. Whatever the case may be, us modern women always seem to find a way around any fashion rule

I am 50/50 about the post labor day White clothing faux pas… how do you feel about it?

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