Birthday Post – All is Full of Love

So I was getting birthday blues and missing the woman whose womb I came out of because she is visiting the home country to spend time with the woman whose womb SHE came out of. Long story short, yesterday while driving through parts of Brooklyn that smelled like flowers, sewage and ice cream trucks, I realized that so many of the things I had long hoped for have come to fruition. It’s my birthday, but I’m too grateful to want any presents.

First thing I’m thankful for, the fact that I have a job. This is something I didn’t thing would happen soon enough. And suddenly, I have a job that I really enjoy. Woah recession, you couldn’t get me down (not for lack of trying).

I am grateful for all the fantastic articles my Facebook friends link out to. Like this one about brains and how they physiology plays a huge part in who we are. As well as a friend’s awesome nerdy comic site. Not to mention the major win moment of New York State, and this eloquent speech about the tyranny of the majority and peoples rights:

Also grateful that I was stuck behind a garbage truck which eventually led to a parking spot right near my workspot. Thankful for my work grandma who handed me about 5 lbs of cookies while everyone was singing and clapping. Happily opened cookie platter so all 5 lbs wouldn’t eventually end up only inside my stomach.

I was all sad about Paste Magazine not putting out it’s deliciously smart, and fun to read music magazine, but then just the other day Josh Jackson tweeted the new Paste Mplayer site. This is the evolution of music magazines with the capabilities of web, but we still get some long-form features as well. I want an iPad just for this.

And what? Bjork is coming out with a new album which is also going to have an iPad app suite (as described by Pitchfork)? Really? Really!

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