The kaleidoscope that is my mind

As I write this, everyone and their mother are getting ready for the big debate tonight. Like everyone else, amidst a failing economy and a notoriously divided country, I have begun to feel helpless… and slightly scared. Working in retail barely pays for our studio in Bushwick and freelance photography is, well, free for everyone else but me. So, what does one do when faced with all the dramz of daily bullshit? Drink! Well, and get busy, but a lot of drinking doesn’t hurt.

Frustration is a bitch, anyone will tell you that, but unless you use it to your advantage you’re a fool. For me, my saviors came in the form of Royal and Kastoory (aka the driving forces behind Pomp & Circumstance). They kicked my ass into gear and gave me the opportunity to stretch my oh-so-creaky artistic legs. And take my word for it. I took off running.

The current issue of Pomp features former ANTM contestant, and my homegirl, Lauren Utter. We met working at the same boutique in LES. Both artists with a deep dislike for our boss and a strong love for cheese fries, it wasn’t long before we were spending our days talking shit behind the counter. Long story short, 2 yrs later I’m still at that “stable” shitty job and she just happened to make it on to ANTM. Granted she went as a sort of joke but her success on the show is nothing to laugh at and if you meet her, it’s sort of a “duh, of course you should model” kinda thing. How we stumbled into her modeling after all that is sort of a blur, but like any good collaboration, it’s neither here nor there, it just is.

By now I’m sure you have picked up the current issue and peeped our spread and I’m sure you are just dying for more tasty glimpses into the world of Pomp. So here, for being amazing enough to read all my silly words, a treat for you. Some shots from the shoot we’ve been hiding from all of you (and you thought that was it? Buggin!) and a little behind the scenes fun as well.

I can promise you a few things when you check back (b/c you will, we are your digital crack):

1: I promise I won’t usually write this much silliness

2: I promise to keep tossin you behind the scenes candy. And…

3: I promise to keep you posted on anything worth seeing. I am now officially your go-to bitch, k?

Your favorite photo girl,

Amanda S.

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