Fashion Art : Jennifer Lilya

” I love drawing pretty pictures” – Jennifer Lilya

Pretty is an understatement once you check out these fashion design illustrations below from the super talented artist. I’m always on the lookout for an illustrator with their own take on fashion illustration because everyone has their own touch and style when sketching out something from the mind onto paper.

For those of you fashion design students, you know how excited I may get when I see another persons work. Her rendering, brush strokes, lining and minimalistic yet detailed sketching captures the attitude and life of every runway outfit she puts onto paper. All of her work is done with acrylic paint and black ink! Majority fashion illustrators use markers which may seem easy but is difficult nonetheless to perfect when rendering,(I can’t even think of doing it with paint and a brush!) She’s a genius!  Jennifer, thank you for sharing your wonderful illustrations and inspiring the new generation of aspiring fashion artists to come!

She has been so sucessfull, some of her clients are WWD, ELLE, Travel + Leisure, etc. Please check out the rest of her amazing and whimsical illustrations at her website and Facebook page.

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