New Year’s Eve-ning Wear

Where has the year gone, pompers? Speaking of which, what will you and your special someone(you know, your midnight kiss…) be wearing to the New Year’s Eve bash? Whether your going out to a swanky lounge overlooking the ball drop, or your favorite low key restaurant close to home. In my personal opinion, there is no . . . → Read More: New Year’s Eve-ning Wear

Phenomenon Soundtrack – New Year

The general consensus seems to be that last year sucked, of course I am basing this on Facebook status updates, and NOTHING else.

Maybe it’s just my contrarian nature, but I do feel like there was some good outweighing the bad.  For every Justin Bieber there was a Midnight Juggernauts, for every Obama fail-moment there was an . . . → Read More: Phenomenon Soundtrack – New Year