Friday Music – Feist – New Album Previews

Yesterday we had some throwbacks, today we’re bringing it back to the present/near future.

Feist is coming out with a new album set to release October 4th. She just released the cover for her new record, Metals, along with some tour dates.

Below is a deliciously, dreamy preview (with a string quartet, classy!) of a new . . . → Read More: Friday Music – Feist – New Album Previews

Survival Soundtrack 7 – Honey

I love the random warm weather days, where everyone in New York is walking down the street with a little smile on their face. This soundtrack pick is inspired by an article in the upcoming issue, about rooftop honey bees, a little piece of nature heaven in the industrial concretesville that is . . . → Read More: Survival Soundtrack 7 – Honey

Pomp Obsessions – we’re back!

All this latent cold weather makes me want to fly away somewhere… except for a few blissful moments playing in untouched snow and then cozying up in front of a space heater afterwards, the cold is a good-for-nothing beast which sinks teeth into the marrow of my bones and I want it out.But other than hating . . . → Read More: Pomp Obsessions – we’re back!