All I Want For Christmas – Pt. 1

Forget Black Friday, the things I want won’t be found in Wal-Mart with the crowds and the crazies. And why not you ask? Well, simply because the things I want are weird.

First example, Morrissey candle, sold by Occulter, a curated project in retail by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons. They are now selling . . . → Read More: All I Want For Christmas – Pt. 1

Holy Shit Holidays!

The economy is in the shitter and everyone I know has been working OT to get that cheddah. The problem now isn’t how much to spend, but when and where to shop. Let’s face it, all that planning and budgeting and list making doesn’t mean a damn thing in the final stretch. There’s always someone . . . → Read More: Holy Shit Holidays!