What to Do This Weekend

The end of times is nigh, if the 2012 Mayan calendar is to be believed. So let’s party, or learn about Paris and horror while drinking absinthe, or walk through a Kubrik and Lynch inspired labrynth of Macbeth… Shall we?

Friday, November 11, The Observatory and Morbid Anatomy presents Decadent Paris Weekend Event # 1 . . . → Read More: What to Do This Weekend

What to do this Weekend

The cold has worn off - the heat too, has broken - and now we’re left with some mild sunny days to enjoy ourselves.

Summer in Brooklyn is filled with street fairs, house parties, backyard bbq’s and dancing in front of gushing fire hydrants with the endless icecream truck melody in the background. 

Here are some Pomp picks for your . . . → Read More: What to do this Weekend